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We see life from unique perspectives, while we learn from the perspectives of others. 

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May 17, 2021

What is expected of a student of Phaneroscopy? Per Charles S. Peirce.... "The student’s great effort is not to be influenced by any tradition, any authority, any reasons for supposing that such and such ought to be the facts, or any fancies of any kind, and to confine himself to honest, single-minded observation of...

Mapping the Medium's Second Approved Textbook

Mar 26, 2021


Find it here....

This book is invaluable in how it chronicles the development and evolution of nominalism, and how it has created and influenced so many of the challenges we face today.

This book is the second approved textbook for the Synechism Center for...

Mapping the Medium's First Approved Textbook

Mar 1, 2021

Find it here...

This book is invaluable in how it chronicles the overshadowing of natural philosophy by the birthing of nominalism.

This book is the first approved textbook for the Synechism Center for Learning and Dialogue. It is listed as such here, and...